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Ménage Works

Ménage Works offers a range of services for the artist and the art lover for tours, weddings and events worldwide.

Management | Grooming | Consulting  

 Rhythm Sections | Musicians | Vocalists | Dancers 

Ménage Works Inc is a full service entertainment company that was founded in 2006 by Toni Ménage and has grown tremendously since its inception. It is home to two of the most trendsetting bands in the country, SoDisrespectful and Project Orange Music. Additionally, Ménage Works Inc is part of the management team for 80’s legend, Lisa Lisa along with Bobby Dee Presents & Uncle Snoops Army.  

Ménage Works Inc also manages an array of dancers, actors and vocalists. In Toni’s vision there are no limits to where Ménage Works Inc can take the world of entertainment! Stay tuned..

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